• 15 March 2024

Great Success for Roadshow 2024, organized by John Deere and Rama Motori

Great Success for Roadshow 2024, organized by John Deere and Rama Motori

Great Success for Roadshow 2024, organized by John Deere and Rama Motori 1024 684 Rama Motori

Roadshow 2024, an exclusive event organized by John Deere and Rama Motori, attracted a large audience of OEMs interested in the preview presentation of the new industrial engines JD4 and JD18. The event took place successfully on March 12, 2024, charming location located in Reggio Emilia.

Throughout the day, participants had the opportunity to discover the distinctive features of the new John Deere engines and the special power packs by Rama Motori. In-depth and detailed presentations of the engines, enriched with animations and video content, provided a comprehensive overview of the products.

The JD18, John Deere’s largest industrial engine, captured the audience’s attention with unique features: an extended power range from 522 to 677 kW (700-908 HP), its compliance with Stage V without the need for any exhaust after-treatment and a design aimed at facilitating maintenance and repair, making it ideal for a wide range of heavy-duty industrial applications.

The new JD4, the most compact in the John Deere range, with its reliability and high efficiency, has also attracted great interest. With a power range from 63 to 120 kW, complying with US EPA T4f and EU Stage V regulations without EGR, the JD4 offers higher power density and optimised machine performance

The aftermarket services offered by John Deere’s extensive network also deserved the right attention. The truly comprehensive service package, the opportunity offered by ‘John Deere Connected Support’ for machine users, the possibility of extended warranties and maintenance schedules conveyed confidence in the use of the machine.

Rama Motori showcased its power packon the 6068HI550 engine (6 cylinders, 6.8 liters displacement, power from 104 to 187 kW, Stage V and Tier4f certified).
The company is able to offer complete plug & play solutions to its OEM customers, facilitating and simplifying the engine application in machines. Fully assembled radiators and after-treatment systems, combined with complete electrical wiring, allow customers to achieve considerable savings in terms of design, assembly, and supply chain costs, reducing the risks associated with possible errors during these phases.