We design complete, bespoke engine solutions, offering our expertise to implement the most suitable application for each type of machinery.


The engine is the heart of any machine, and its complete integration is fundamental for ensuring the best operation and highest overall efficiency.

Our engineering staff work to identify the right application for each specific need. We have in-depth knowledge of each type of engine, expressed through the models of the various brands, so that we can propose a high-performing design that meets the constraints of each machine set-up, every time.

Our solutions are the result of constant research and development, and can easily be adapted to standard needs.

Our expert engineers dialogue directly with the manufacturers’ staff, agreeing on every specification of the engine design to be developed.

With our extensive knowledge of our partners’ models and direct cooperation with the engine brands we represent, we always provide our customers with up-to-date information.


One of our strengths is our ability to respond with custom solutions tailored to specific technical characteristics.

Every order received by Rama Motori thus becomes an authentic consultancy project, a co-design between our engineering department and the customer’s staff, who work as a team to define the right engine application.